Update you don’t care about:

When I went to pick up WW#9 (this was the day it came out, so this update is old), this piece of poop nerd sac of shit turdface scumbutt can’t think of any other words to describe how much this guy sucked was talking to his friend (who looked equally as stupid). He sees me get Wonder Woman and scoffs to his friend saying, “Of course the teenage girl comes in for Wonder Woman.”

Normally, I just ignore that stuff, but that day I was already a ragequeen so I whipped around and told him, “Sweetheart, in a few days you’re going to have a conversation, maybe with this friend or maybe with another equally stupid ass one, and you’re going to complain about how girls don’t understand comic books. And what you or your shitface friend won’t understand is that a lot of girls don’t want to read comic books because the writers treat female characters like harpies, the artists draw them like blow-up dolls, and the publishers seem to think they’re disposable. And on the off-chance that they do go into a comic book store, they have to put up with your sexist crap. I like cool things, and Wonder Woman is cool. So fuck off.”

And then I stayed in the store to browse because goddammit, I had just as much right as them to be in there.

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